About Railsview

Railsview is an open marketplace for buying and selling custom themes for Rails applications.

We bring together designers from all over the world to build high quality and fully flexible themes for various rails projects. If you're a developer: You'll save Time and Money by using Railsview. If you're a designer you'll make money by building and selling themes for the fastest growing development community.

This martketplace was built by rails developer for rails developers.

About "Rails Themes"

'Rails themes' are actually 'Rails Views' + 1 controller and a few routes. We sell rich, beautiful and flexible 'views' for your rails applications: Rich, Gorgeous and ready to go!

About the Team

Railsview was brought to you by rails developers for rails developers.

Built and designed by Richardson Dackam, Jan Walczak and Andrew Hlavats. Richardson is the architech and main developer of Railsview, its gems and templates.

Special thanks: Johnathan Marquez, Ashley Martis and Gabriel Mansour for their contributions.




Technology & Credits

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Html5/CSS3/Haml/Jquery/Javascript/Coffeescript
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Stripe
  • You