What kind of items can I sell?

You can sell themes and/or layouts.

Do you review submitted themes?

We review all themes to ensure quality control. Once a theme is approved we provide you with a response via email and activate your seller account.

How is a Railview theme different from other themes?

We help package your files in a way that it works easily with the rails framework.

How do I get paid once I’ve sold a theme?

We pay our sellers every two month as we are currently exploring better opportunity for them to get paid faster and at their convenience.

Do I retain rights to my submitted themes?

Yes, all rights remain yours. We only assist in hosting them on Railsview.

What can I price a theme?

You can price a link for as little as $1, and as much as $1000. All themes are priced in USD.

What is the commission per item and how does it change?

We only take %30 of each sale. Sellers keep %70.

How do you pay for themes?

Our payment process is powered by Stripe at the moment but we are open for other alternatives.

I'm not in the US. Can I use Railsview?

Yes. We work with all countries that allow paypal. There are no setup fees, monthly fees, bandwidth fees, or withdrawal fees.

How do I get paid?

We pay our sellers every two month, as long as you have a balance equal to or greater than $10.

How secure is Railsview?

At the moment we do not keep any sensible information on our platform. Our payment security is currently handled by Stripe.
If in the future you choose to store your credit card with us, we will store it in an environment that has been certified as being PCI Service Provider Level 1 by a PCI-certified auditor — the most stringent level of certification available